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Risk Management


Ensure effective communication, so knowledge is effectively transmitted, language data becomes managed intelligence, and human error is minimized.

Minerva’s unique-in-market language management services include standardizing and structuring natural language for managed intelligence, developing online dictionaries, and ensuring clear and precise technical writing in your SOPs, QSPs, trainings, etc.

Minerva’s language management services include:

  • Standardizing natural language to eliminate variation and ambiguities in interpretation.

  • Creating a syntax structure for your language data, especially Requirements, Risks and Remediations.

  • Populating databases with your language data so it can be processed.

  • Generating online dictionaries, with all terms, abbreviations, definitions and illustrations, so your teams can answer any terminology question with the click of a button.

  • Technical writing for Policies, SOPs, QSPs, Trainings, and others, coherent with your whole Quality System, and clear, precise, easy-to-follow guidance.

Ensure quality, productuvity and compliance with Minervas' Risk Management.

Minerva’s well-defined methodology includes root cause analysis, risk assessment, and risk mitigation to provide a comprehensive framework for risk management in all phases of your product development, technology transfer, and market sustenance.

Our fully integrated approach to risk management includes the following:

  • Complete product characterization through user-friendly diagrams that define the product architecture.

  • Comprehensive process mapping through advanced flowcharts that result in a detailed process architecture.

  • Use of modeling languages that simplify software architecture for your non-software personnel to work with and understand.

  • Implementation of custom-made databases that centralize all information related to the defined product, process, and software architectures.

  • Facilitation of risk assessment meetings that minimize the time required from your technical, operations, and software development personnel.

  • Maximization of database report capabilities to create integrated deliverables such as risk management reports, risk-mitigated design packages, operational and test procedures, and data collection records.

  • Execution of the risk management process and generation of reports according to your needs and priorities.

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