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Risk Management

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Minerva has developed a unique methodology to perform Risk Management. Our procedure ensures quality, productivity and compliance.

Minerva’s well-defined methodology includes root cause analysis, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. This provides a comprehensive framework for risk management in all phases of your product development, technology transfer, and market sustenance.

Minerva’s language management services include the following:

  • Complete product characterization through user-friendly diagrams. 

  • Comprehensive process mapping through advanced flowcharts.

  • Use of modeling languages that simplify software architecture.

  • Facilitation of risk-based quality investigations.

  • Efficient use of company resources attending risk assessment meetings.

  • Priority based execution of the risk management process and reports.

  • Custom-made databases that centralize all information related to the defined product, process, and software architectures.

  • Improvement of risk management reports, risk-mitigated design packages,  operational and test procedures, and data collection records.

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