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Our goal is to help your company achieve its development, operations and quality objectives.

Minerva will help your company achieve:

  • On-time Commissioning and Qualification of new Facilities

  • Quality System Implementation in Full Compliance with Applicable Regulations

  • Successful Agency Inspections

  • The use of knowledge, risk management and business intelligence as a sustainable productivity and quality advantage

Minerva specializes in:
Effective Characterization of Facilities, Systems and Processes

To have a comprehensive structure to manage the information and knowledge needed for quality and operations controls.

Integration of External Data Sources
To have holistic visibility of the data from all key players, and a comprehensive business intelligence that integrates facilities, process, systems, software and operations, among others.

Develop Deliverables according to Strategic Plan and Structure

Having a well-structured execution that promotes the collaboration of multiple teams, sources and stakeholders, while facilitating the creation of integrated sets of procedures, work instructions, databases, records and training packages

Provide Continuous Visibility and Traceability

Through real-time data and reporting dashboards that provide, continuous access to status and feedback

Deliver Comprehensive Deliverables ready for Operations and Inspections

Starting with the end in mind, that is, to have qualified and approved facilities, systems and processes, all efforts will be strategically aligned towards a successful inspection and startup.

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