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Our rapid response team specializes in providing integrated solutions for quality investigations and risk management.

Quality Investigations

Minerva’s R³ approach (Response-Resolution-Reduction) provides a comprehensive and integrated issue resolution process that covers all your quality investigation needs.

With our R³ approach, you can be confident that your quality investigations are being handled efficiently and effectively, helping your company to maintain compliance, productivity, and profitability.

Knowledge Management


Effective knowledge management is essential for successful product development. Our team uses precise modeling, clear language, and cloud-based applications to convey the scientific, technical, and operational aspects of your company, enabling every team member to share the same knowledge.


With our knowledge management solutions, your company can achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and success in product development.

Data Management


Minerva collaborate with your business to gain valuable knowledge through effective data management. Our expertise lies in product and process characterization, where we structure and analyze data to generate reports that reveal your company's strengths and gaps that require attention.

Risk Management

Minerva’s well-defined approach to root cause analysis, risk assessment, and risk mitigation provides the work frame for risk control in all the phases of your product development, transfer and sustaining, facilitating decision making and responsive control and mitigation actions.

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