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Technical Analysis, Visualization and Digitalization


For life sciences companies working in the discovery phase, Minerva provides accurate technical analysis, visualization, and digitalization of their operations. Through our rigorous technical analysis, we pinpoint bottlenecks and other areas for improvement. The data collected through this analysis is then turned into highly visual digital information that can easily be accessed and shared.



Process Modeling with Database Integration


Minerva to provides accurate modeling and database integration to support the modeling to companies focused on process development. When necessary, this includes the building of databases.


Definition of Machine Learning Requirements for Automation


As companies develop their processes, Minerva offers knowledge and risk management services to support the definition of their machine learning requirements. For any company planning to incorporate automation, this process is crucial to avoiding expensive miscalculations and other errors that could delay automation integration.

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Generation of Visual Procedures with Integrated Risk and Knowledge


For manufacturing companies, having a good manufacturing practice (GMP) is key to ensuring consistent, high-quality products. We leverage relevant knowledge and a clear view of the risks present in a company’s process to create clear visual procedures for them to follow as they automate their processes or upgrade existing automation systems.

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Manufacturing Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement and Innovation


Through close, continuous monitoring, Minerva extracts data from existing manufacturing procedures and transforms it into knowledge. This knowledge provides the pathway for improving manufacturing procedures, including showing us where automation is most appropriate and how best to incorporate it.


Rapid, Risk-based Investigation Resolution and Reduction


In manufacturing, diagnosing and correcting problems before they occur—or as soon as possible once they’ve occurred—saves time, money, and resources. Minerva provides on-the-scene, responsive resolution strategies for these investigations. Over time, this support reduces the overall need for investigations, as it recognizes and eliminates challenges before they arise.

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Data-driven and Knowledge-based Manufacturing Optimization


Optimization is critical to increasing capacity. By interpreting the data we collect, Minerva partners with life sciences companies to optimize their manufacturing processes, thereby increasing their capacity and productivity.


Continuous Agility in Product Knowledge and Improvements


Another service Minerva provides companies seeking to increase their capacity is the continual development of product knowledge to drive improvements. This is the sustained, long-term study of the company’s product and its potential so it can be routinely upgraded or innovated.

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