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Knowledge Management


Achieve successful innovation, product development, and commercialization through the effective management of knowledge.

Minerva provides your company the tools to ensure its knowledge is captured in clear terms, effectively transferred to team members, and successfully transformed into a compliant developed product.

Minerva uses precise visuals, clear language and cloud-based applications to convey the scientific, technical, and operational aspects of your company, so that every team member shares the same knowledge.

Minerva translates the knowledge behind each facet of your operation through:

  • Product Architecture

  • Process Characterization

  • Process Mapping using standard methodology (Agile, UML)

  • Highly-Graphic Training material

  • Visual SOPs

  • Visual Job Aids


Our highly-graphical materials clearly convey the scientific, technical, and operational aspects of your company.

Minerva successfully transmit complex technical topics through a combination of highly-illustrative graphics and precise language. We addresses each stage of your operation through visual process characterization and mapping, giving your team the knowledge needed to improve operations and compliance.


Our diagrams visually summarize your company’s systems so they can be better understood, maintained or improved.

Minerva’s diagrams are based on standard methodologies such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) or Agile with visuals, they accurately represent your company’s systems, focusing on the actors, roles, actions and devices involved.


Our diagrams effectively communicate complex data to diverse audiences.

Our knowledge diagrams effectively deliver complex and interdependent data to a wide range of audiences, from floor personnel to corporate staff and government representatives. They are done in a variety of media that can be placed at  manufacturing, utility, and sterile areas.


Our illustrated trainings are self-taught, computer-based or instructor-led.

Minerva offers highly-visual technical and regulatory training material that allow for large and constantly-changing personnel to access uniform information on products, processes, equipment, and execution.


We offer self-taught, computer-based (CBTs), and instructor-led training modules, for print, computer or mobile platform, online or offline, in English or Spanish.


Evaluation tools, such as online tests and database connections, allow for information delivery confirmation and at-your-own-pace learning.


Our SOP’s combine text and graphics to convey procedures accurately.

Our highly-graphical SOPs combine comprehensive but easy-to-follow instructions with precise illustrations, minimizing technical language and increasing comprehension. Content for our SOPs is generated by technical writers along with technicians, operators, and supervisors, to ensure procedures are accurate and up-to-date. Illustrations are created by engineers with graphic-art experience, after careful inspection of equipment, machinery and processes.


Our visual job aids help carry out tasks correctly and confidently.

Job aids are diagrams that provide additional visual guidance to help personnel carry out tasks correctly and confidently. With easy-to-follow instructions, job aids greatly reduce the potential for deviation by eliminating the tendency to depend on memory for procedures. Frequent job aids are gowning instructions, emergency procedures, process-flow descriptions, and cleaning operations.

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