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is Life.

Give Life the Minerva Way

Minerva specializes in quality investigations, product development and productivity improvements in the cell and gene therapy, biotech, vaccines and medical devices industries.

The Minerva Way in the Product Development Life Cycle

We apply advanced digitalization, visualization, knowledge and risk management techniques throughout the Product Development Cycle of Life Sciences Industries.

Know how our capabilities support the Life Sciences Industry 
throughout all the product development phases.

Discovery Phase
Technical Analysis, Visualization, and Digitalization


In the discovery phase, Minerva creates technical images, models, and infographics that facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration and improvements recommendations. The resulting information is structured into databases to facilitate the identification of risks and corresponding mitigations.

Process Development Phase
Process Modeling with Database Integration


In the process development phase, Minerva models the physical, chemical and biological interactions in processes and systems. We use visuals integrated into databases to allow for accurate models that are easily analyzed and improved by people, software and artificial intelligence (AI).   

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Definition of Machine Learning and Automation


For the development of automated processes, we define the required strategies, identify the infrastructure, and implement the technologies necessary to convert text and visual data into machine learning and AI.

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GMP Process Definition Phase
Visual Procedures with Integrated Risk and Knowledge


For years, the Life Sciences Industry has known Minerva for our highly graphical procedures and test methods.  These combine images and simple language that makes them easy to understand and to follow.

In addition to reduce the risk of failure in commercial manufacturing and testing,  highly graphical procedures are the basis for the visual models in AI-supported platforms.

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Commercial Manufacturing Phase

Risk-Based Analysis for Failure Reduction


Minerva digitalizes manufacturing procedures, records, and use experiences to create highly visual presentations for risk mitigation meetings. The visually supported data provides an enhanced pathway for potential failures identification and analysis.  This is followed by rapid reduction and elimination of design, process and use risks.

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Expedited Risk-based Investigation Resolution and Reduction

Minerva provides on-site and virtual quality investigation teams combining multi-disciplinary capabilities and supported by development scientists, engineers, and visualization experts. We diagnose and correct manufacturing issues as soon as, or before they occur; producing better corrective and preventive actions.

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Continuous Improvement and Capacity Increase Phase
Data-driven Manufacturing Optimization


We collect data from relevant operational parameters, and convert them into visual charts and diagrams to support the easy identification of capacity increase opportunities. The visualized data serves to gather the feedback of all players and to create better layouts, processes and systems, increasing capacity through productivity.

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Robotics and Tele-Operations 


Minerva supports the Life Science Industry by implementing automation, robotics and tele-operations to the same process and systems used throughout the product development and commercialization. The only modifications are fixtures and tools that facilitate integration of robotics and AI.  This approach produces quality and capacity improvements without requiring new development work, repeated comparability studies or regulatory re-submissions.

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