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is Life.

Give Life the Minerva Way.

Minerva is a Technical Services Company that specializes in two core areas: Advanced Therapies Processes, and Robotics. Our expertise lies in knowledge and risk management, integrating these with machine learning and further enhancing it with advanced visualizations to optimize the life science processes for efficiency.

The Minerva Way

Our service portfolio encompasses all the phases contained in the road map of the product life cycle such as: Process Modeling with Database Integration; Definition of Machine Learning Requirements for Automation; Manufacturing Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement and Innovation; Rapid, Risk-based Investigation Resolution and Reduction.

The Minerva Way embodies capabilities and collaborative efforts, bridging technical and scientific expertise to address challenges effectively and to ensure permanent solutions. To advance our mission and vision , we work on issue resolution and experimentation by combining biology, engineering, robotics, digitalization, and AI for the benefit of the patient.      

Our Capabilities

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